Friday, May 23, 2008

George Michael Tickets Only $25

Oh, Los Angeles. I love how people from the big city to the north approach San Diego like we're LA. Booking shows that sell out in LA in giant venues down here with the assumption that tickets will get chomped up just as speedily.

Well, we're not LA, never will be. George Michael at Sports Arena? Cool. Tickets for crazy ticket prices? Not so much. So it appears they didn't quite get the response they were looking for, even though his tour is to start here on June 17.

This actually works out great for you. The tour is called 25 Live and for 25 hours, starting on May 25 (This Sunday), you can buy tickets at all Ticketmaster outlets for as low as $25. Don't go expecting floor seats or anything like that, but you might score something decent. Get em while you can.

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