Friday, May 09, 2008

Grand Ole Party At The Ken Club Tonight

For anyone planning on seeing Grand Ole Party, Wild Weekend and Thin Man tonight at the Ken Club, this is a public service announcement, since for many people I'm sure it will be your first time there.

The Ken Club is a cash only bar. Bring cash (or your ATM card for the WAMU across the street).

There will be a cover. I was told it will be $10-$15 so be prepared for that. No free or $5 show tonight. C'mon, it's GRAND OLE PARTY.

This show will sell out. On nights when bands play, you can just hang on the bar side without going into the band room, but on occassion, when they deem a show "sold out", unless you're a regular, they will not let you into the bar at all without a stamp. Get there before 11 and you should be fine.

Be prepared to stay late. Most bands play right up until last call. It's just the way it is. If you have to call it an early night, check out Frantic Romantic and Red Pony Clock at the Whistle Stop instead.

If you're under 21, stay home. Seriously, these guys know what they're doing and just because you think you're cute doesn't mean you're getting in, not even if you're wearing a Kristin-esque headband.

Tip your bartenders. They remember faces and how much you tip. A good tip=good service. If you holler out to them, call them by name, flag them down, or the worst, snap your fingers, they will ignore you until you realize you're being an asshole. Stand at the bar, hold your money in your hand, and when they ask you what you want, don't ask the 6 people behind you what they're having. Order your drink and move along.

Don't ask the doorguy for a cigarette. If anything, you should be offering him one. Clem's across the street is open till 10 and the gas station varies, but it's supposed to be open 24/7, so buy your own fags, dude.

It funny to me as I type this that I even have to say any of this shit, but the Ken Club is my home away from home and if you piss off the bartenders, you're messing with my family. And nobody fucks with my family.

Oh, and for my after party regulars...bring booze. You guys cleaned me vodka, no jack, no beer. If you wanna hang out, you betta bring it.


Anonymous said...


oh great bartender and doorman may i please be blessed with your service.

i am so thankful to be in your presence as you do you job.

hopefully some hot teens will come correct with their bakery strings intact.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Everything I mentioned should be standard procedure at EVERY bar, not just the Ken Club. Maybe it's just because I spend so much time there that I witness this bullshit more than I notice it at other establishments. Example: two dirtbags came in after work and drank until 11 pm. On $60 worth of beers (20 beers), they left $3 and had the nerve to yell for the bartender when he was serving someone else.

Anonymous said...

(Note to Rosey: This is a cleaner and more concise version of my last post).

Hipsters, like all spoiled children with a sense of entitlement, like to mooch off others and want everything for nothing. Go back to Brooklyn and tap into your trust fund, rich boy.

And have the guts to post your name, you craven little coward.