Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Muslims, The Carrots, Fantastic Magic @ Casbah 5.12.08

Monday's Anti-Monday League was a fun one this week. It didn't quite sell out, but it was certainly a strong showing for a Monday night. Fantastic Magic opened the night with mixed reviews from the crowd. I like their unconventional music style, but I also heard a couple grumbles from a couple people at the bar that they "try to hard." I disagree, but I still can't place where I'd label theri music. I didn't get any pics of them.

Second up were 50's girl group inspired The Carrots. In town from Austin, the band had layered harmonies. I didn't really understand the quasi-costumes on some of the girls, but they had a good poppy sound. Sadly, the main singer forgot that tights are not pants, so I chose to listen to most of their show from the patio.

The Muslims closed out the night. Their show was being recorded to be released by Art Fag Records and they had a couple technical difficulties but still put on a great show. I mentioned last time that I really like the standing drummer- it really adds a ton of energy to the band's performance. My pics came out awful, but here are a couple anyway, including their setlist.

The Muslims "Call It A Day"

As things wrapped up, I hung on the patio, so here's a sweet little pic of Kristin and Brandon and of Dagart and Emily.

After the show, ther bar stayed open as Mario spun some records and a handful of people danced, but I had to mosey and call it a night. I'm looking forward to that record release for sure. And Dagart, I owe you a drink.

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Dagart said...

You most certainly do not owe me a drink. After all the drinks you got me at the Hard Rock that one night, I think I owe you a keg.