Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Thursday: Ghostland Observatory At House of Blues

Look, San Diego. I know we're kinda sleepy here in this town, a little behind the curve when it comes to new music. I'm guilty of this. I hear a band's name in the blogosphere and then they don't even bother stopping here on their tours for a couple years, so why should I bother checking out their music? It's just the way we are. Not everyone, of course, but I know if I didn't get regular shipments of CDs in my mailbox, I'd spend everyday listening to August and Everything After.

Anyway, my BFF Kristian has been swearing by this band, Ghostland Observatory, for a couple years, and since I missed them last time they passed through, I've been threatened that I'm not allowed to miss them again. He was blown away at SXSW, and recently at The Fonda in LA. When someone like Kristian compares a band to Daft Punk, I don't take his recommendation lightly. There are plenty of tickets still available, so you're not allowed to miss them either.

Here's what Kristian has to say about the band:

Ghostland Observatory is not just a band, they are an institution- an institution of all that is awesome and unholy. When you see them perform live, it is clear that these two men have been possessed- possessed by something far beyond our mortal understanding of what it means to truly rock on every level. With each turn of a knob, hit of a switch, push of button or crash of a drum, Thomas Turner wields the dark arts of sonic sound like a sinister sorcerer conjuring spells from the depths of hell. And while Turner orchestrates, Aaron Behrens uses every limb of his body, strum of the guitar and shriek of his voice to exorcise the demons and spirits from every witch and warlock to ever burn at a stake. Don't believe me? Then come find out for yourself...

Ghostland Observatory
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