Monday, May 12, 2008

Grand Ole Party, Ken Club, 5.9.08

I violated some of my own personal rules on Friday. After work, instead of napping, I cleaned my house, wrote, surfed the net, and by the time I as all done, it was time to walk to the show, having only eaten a small piece of chicken. By 10:30, it was packed in the bar and Thin Man was finishing up in the band room. I made my way down the bar where I ran into my neighbor Jim, who usually doesn't stay past 10, but he was there and he was buying me drinks, which quickly became mistake number two. Then, I made the critical error of my night. I made fun of the really, really drunk girl who tried to pay with a credit card when she ordered two mind erasers. "Oh my god, like she's not already wasted enough, and she's ordering MIND ERASERS."

Oh, judgmental one. How that came back to bite me in the ass. I stayed on the bar side and didn't realize I'd missed all of Wild Weekend's set. Oh, how the time can pass when sucking down vodka tonics in the Ken Club amongst friends.

Anyway, Grand Ole Party was about to get started so I made my way in to the bar and of course, they killed it. It was really cool to see them back at the Ken Club and the room was packed with people singing along to every word.

And then they finished. And I was more than a little buzzed, but not one to let that stop me, you know, stayed. I also was sure I wouldn't be having any after party action, so perhaps I wasn't pacing myself properly. I stayed, I drunk-twittered, and came home and some friends and randoms came over until for a while and the second the last one left, I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Poor planning, but it was good fun, and other than my crytic tweet and my googly eyes I get when I'm over the edge, no major damage done.

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