Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Air Traffic, Republic of Letters, War Stories @ Soma 5.11.08

After a mellow Mother's Day (we did all our celebrating on Saturday), I headed out to Soma for Air Traffic, Republic of Letters, and War Stories. I was actually hoping that the show was going to run a little earlier than it did because I was also going to see Port O'Brien at the Beauty Bar that night, but I think I got a good taste of the bands.

I grabbed my ticket at the window, and briefly chatted with Adrian from Republic of Letters who told me there weren't too many people in the show. I suggested that on Mother's Day, perhaps moms didn't want to be toting their kids to a show. War Stories was onstage when I went in and unlike the Casbah where I've seen them but was distracted, I liked them a lot on the all ages stage and they held my attention more than they had in the past.

Repulic of Letters took advantage of this show to really draw in the crowd which had grown slightly larger. Poor Nick, though, even with more stage lighting than most of their shows, I still can't seem to get a good pic of him back there behind his kit, but here's some of the rest of the band. And of course, there I was upfront singing along to every song, which is immensely less embarassing at an all ages show. I felt like I was 15 again.

I was watching the clock during the changeover because I knew that Port O'Brien was set to play at 10. RoL finished at 9:19, but it wasn't until 9:47 that Air Traffic finally came out. The lighting for them was a little darker for their set, so I didn't get as many pics as I wanted, but I stayed for about 5 songs and liked what I heard. I'd agree with ChickRawker that they reminded me a lot of Keane, perhaps if I'd stayed I would've seen them rock out more. What I did see, I really dug.

I had to leave, and thanks to a long set change at the Beauty Bar, I arrived in time to see Port O'Brien.

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