Friday, May 09, 2008

Britt Daniel @ Belly Up, 5.3.08

By the time Natalie and I arrived at the Belly Up, Britt was already performing. We walked in and I thought she was following me, but she cut right and made her way around to the stage, I went left and around to the other side of the stage where I was able to cozy up close. Britt sounded great and though he had a setlist, he also took a lot of crowd suggestions and played for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Mostly it was just him and his guitar, but for some songs, he had a little boombox with recorded drumbeats which reminded me of the time I saw Folk Implosion at the Casbah and it was just Lou Barlow and his boombox.

Britt is just phenomenal to watch and on this night he was cheery and joking and happy, even when a couple drunk audience members were clapping along, completely out of rhythm with the music. Below, some pics and video from the evening.

Britt Daniel "Don't Make Me A Target"

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