Friday, May 23, 2008

Newsy Bits & Notes

I haven't done any "newsy bits" in quite some time and I apologize for that, but unfortunately it looks like I'll probably writing even less than I already am after a couple kinks in my personal life. But I'll keep up the Twitter, so become a follower if you want the breaking news stuff as I hear it. If you ever wanna help me out and don't want to just give an outright donation to the site, I'm open to taking submissions, news tips, cd reviews, show reviews, and a small way you can help is by clicking on some of those Google ads on my page or instead of using the Google home page, using the Google search widget on this page.

First, some personal news- looks like I'm going to be an aunt twins! My brother and his wife are expecting. His 7 month deployment should be complete before the babies are due so fingers crossed and sending out positive thoughts to the universe that he's not extended beyond his scheduled tour.

On the music front, there's some things I've certainly been neglecting, so here's a few things I've come across:

  • The big news of the day is that Ray Suen, who recently toured with Louis XIV and is known locally for playing with Ex-Friends and Joanie + Secretaries has joined The Killers. Turns out Dave, a high school friend of mine and apparently a friend of Ray's, recommended him and one thing lead to another and now Ray is a Killer.
  • The Shambles will be playing at the House of Blues next week (in addition to a show at the Troubadour in LA)
    June 1 @ House of Blues in San Diego
    w/ The Grams and more - 21 and up!
  • If you haven't heard by now, Foxborough Hot Tubs is playing the Belly Up. The band is really Green Day, but apparently they won't be playing any Green Day songs. Tickets are only available the day of the show, with a two ticket limit per person. Personally, I'll be checking out Margot & The Nuclear So and So's at the Casbah, but if the rare performance in a small club is more your speed, plan on lining up early.
  • This news came out last week, but I certainly didn't mention it. My Morning Jacket has announced a tour in support of Evil Urges, including a date in San Diego on September 25 at the Open Air Theater. You can read about the tour on NME.
  • Some of our local-acts-gone-big have been getting some airplay and have big tour dates this summer. Augustana released Can't Love, Can't Hurt which is more rock and less ballad than their debut. They'll be headlining the House of Blues on June 12 and touring with Counting Crows and Maroon 5 this fall, with a stop at Cricket Amphitheatre on September 13.
  • Local Tristan Prettyman released Hello...x with a video playing on VH1. No major tour announced as yet, but I suspect one will come soon, or perhaps some festival/county fair dates.
  • Recently, my mom asked me if I know Jason Mraz (I don't), because she loves his new single "I'm Yours" that she's been hearing on the radio. It's from his new album We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things (released May 13). He's got a bunch of festival and European dates this summer, but nothing announced locally.
  • Another San Diego troub, Greg Laswell, is on the verge of releasing a new album, Three Flights From Alto Nido. It will be released on July 8 and he'll be playing at the House of Blues on June 25th. In his blog, he writes, "The album will have 11 tracks including alternate versions of "days go on" and "how the day sounds". and no, it will not include a fourth version of "what a day". that would be just plain silly."
    "brandon the beloved side-man and i recorded it in a little under a month and i was lucky enough to get the extremely talented greg collins to mix it. i am more proud of it that anything i have done to date and the process of recording it was something i will never forget. i will be playing a few of the new songs on the upcoming tour with ingrid michaelson."
    You might recall that Ingrid, the voice behind that catchy Old Navy commercial, featured Greg in her video for the same song as the commercial, "The Way I Am." Damn, I should start working on trying to get a photopass for that show.
  • Switchfoot will be going on another Music Builds tour which benefits Habitat For Humanity. That tour hits Cricket Amphitheatre on September 27. The very holy tour also features Third Day, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and Jars of Clay. I wonder if they'll serve beer at that show.
  • I guess there was more action on the Street Scene front this week, but I already wrote what I knew here. Now I can say that the proposed dates are just Friday and Saturday, September 19 & 20. Also, I'm still holding that Cat Power is playing if all the permits go through, according to her record label. I've also heard that the festival "going back to its roots" might mean that radio stations or venues control entire stages, and The Casbah is supposedly going to be presenting a local stage, though I imagine with the help of more sponsors.
  • Denver's SCMX (SoCoMusicExperience) lineup was announced today. For San Diego, we've already got The Black Keys lined up, but Denver's offerings include Gnarls Barkley, Blonde Redhead, Swayback, and P-Knuckle. Usually at least a couple bands do all of the SCMX stops, so perhaps a free Gnarls show in SD? I don't know, but after Flaming Lips last year, this lineup will surely have to bring out the big guns to top it.
  • Sheryl Crow was slated to play this summer at AEG's "Concerts on The Green" venue at Qualcomm Stadium. That show has now been moved to Valley View Casino. I don't know if AEG is bailing on the venue altogether or just this show has moved, (weak sales, perhaps?) but all tickets will be automatically refunded and ticketholders will be given a special pre-sale code if they want to get tickets for the Valley View show. Pre-sale will be May 28-June 5, with onsale to the public on June 6 at 10am. Hopefully Valley View has added some large projection screens so people in the cheap seats can actually see what's going on onstage.

I've been receiving a ton of music lately, so I wanna thank all the bands who keep me in the loop. Even if I don't write reviews, it helps me to know which shows to check out, what to tell people when they ask "who are you listening to these days?" and in some cases, when bands ask me for recommendations on bands they should play with. There's also an upcoming Art Around Adams event on June 7 with an all day stage at the Ken Club and I've certainly submitted some of your names as recommended bands, so believe me, I'm listening.

It's gonna be a great 3 day weekend, rain or shine, so big love to everyone this weekend. Be safe. If you're at the Ken Club tonight, consider this your after party invitation. xoxo


Anonymous said...

The May 18 gig at the Casbah wasn't that interesting. The opening band was horrible. Dan Sartain's songs all sounded exactly alike, with the exception of one, and he didn't bring out the hollowbody. The only two Dirtbombs songs that didn't all sound the same were "Underdog" and "Ode to a Black Man."

Like shooting stars, these artists peak, then burn out. Please give me some artists with staying power in this alt-rock scene. Such is why I still own my 1960's George Jones albums.

DanSartain said...

I played a hollowbody the whole time jackass!
and George Jones is a conservitive racist fuck!