Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brief updates

I went to House of Blues last night for The National. That band seriously kills me. It was hard taking photos when his voice just makes you well up with tears. Not like sad tears, more like cathartic happy this-music-is-too-fucking-good tears. Too bad my HoB experience was less than stellar. Man, seriously that venue is one step forward, two steps back. I was privy to some information that just pissed me off...but I'll write about all those things later tonight with all the pictures.

In the meantime, I wanted to follow up on a few of the newsy bits I posted last week.

First, now that Street Scene is back in the works, I had a couple people point out that in addition to Cat Power scheduled to play on Friday, September 19, The New Pornographers are also sheduled to play according to the Matador Records website.

Second, a follow up about Ray Suen joining The Killers. If you take a look at my contributors, you'll see Ray was added there. He was up at Sasquatch over the weekend working for The Flaming Lips and told me he'd try to write a recap of his experience at the festival since he was going to be costumed onstage during their performance, but he hasn't done so yet. (No pressure, Ray) We chatted on Firday and he was ecstatic that he's gonna be joining up with The Killers. They're doing a huge tour so he'll be travelling all over, playing Leeds, Reading, and all those huge shows. He'll be playing guitar and keys for the band which gives him a good change from mostly strings he played with Louis XIV. Maybe enough nudging and he can write about all that himself...

Last, I wanted to mention that next week there's an election in San Diego, and I wanted to throw my endorsement behind Eric Bidwell. The guy is one of us and deserves some serious credit for having the balls to call out Mr. Douche Sanders and that complete dick, Steve Francis. Our city is in some dire need for change and I think I'd rather have someone completely green and willing to learn on the job than these dicks who just sit pretty and make backdoor deals for all their fatcat friends. If you want more info, go to

I'll be online tonight to post all those pics...


Jason G said...

Team Abraham was the best yet last night!!

Can I get a CONTRIBUTORS credit now too??

Anonymous said...

apropos the Street Scene lineup, other possibilities might be Hot Chip and/or Vampire Weekend; the latter of which is playing LA on the 17th, and at the Treasure Island Festival in SF on the 21st. Hot Chip is playing two dates at The Wiltern in LA - september 21st & 22nd - and they are also playing the festival in San Francisco on the 20th. and the other acts playing at that festival might be possibilities for Street Scene as well.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Oh yeah...I forgot about Hot Chip. That one was mentioned to me in conversation. It was "we're trying to get Hot Chip at the Casbah but they can't do it because they're playing Street Scene."

I need to keep better track of my post midnight vodka influenced conversations.