Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roybot & Gamma Gamma @ Habitat, The Sess & Red Feathers @ Casbah, 5.10.08

After a full day at Gator By The Bay, I was pretty grubby, but I didn't want to miss the show at the Habitat House, so I had my mom drop me off there instead of back at home, stopping first at the liquor store up the street. I chatted briefly with Drew Andrews (who will be doing his own Habitat show soon)then made my way into the house.

Roybot's performance was hilarious, with 3 videos interacting with one another and with Roy. I don't know where one person finds the time. CatDirt took care of reviewing the show (and the Casbah, for that matter), so I have little to add to his commentary. Read his full review here.

After Roybot, Gamma Gamma played and it was the loudest show I've been to at the house, so I hung out on the porch chatting with some people there. Gamma Gamma were pretty cool and I'm with CatDirt that I'd like to see them again, but I think that a SD House Party show would be sweet.

Here are just a couple random pics I took.

After the show at Habitat House, I caught a ride with CD and CDW to the Casbah, and clearly ignored my previous night's misadventures and proceeded to ignore the #1 rule of drinking: Liquor before beer, in the clear; Beer before liquor, get drunk quicker. (Or get more sicker...but I wasn't that bad).

I watched the bands and took a couple pics, but spent most of the night in the back bar and on the patio. Here's a few of my favorite Casbah pics from the night:

After the Casbah, Dan and Abe took me home and I was grateful for a fun day and a safe ride home.

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