Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Ringers & Hotel St. George, Beauty Bar, 5.1.08

After Cut Copy, I bolted out of downtown and headed to the Beauty Bar because I was hoping to catch The Howls, and it seems I keep missing them, but no such luck, I missed them again. I arrived just as Hotel St. George started their set, said hi to some peeps, then made my way to the patio. They sounded great and Matt seemed in a better place than when they played at the Ken Club a few weeks ago and it shone through in the performance. I've always appreciated Matt's stage attitude. "Go ahead and clap, that was a good one," or "we literally wrote this song about three hours ago, so I hope we don't fuck it up." They didn't. Or if they did, we couldn't tell.

Then came LA's The Ringers. They have to be one of the best live bands around and they bring it every time. Singer Joe goes from the stage to the crowd back to the stage, moving around, dancing, jumping, and high-kicking, that I realized I need better action shot skills. The man doesn't stand still.

At one point, I was taking pictures of the band and Joe had left the stage, and all the sudden he's writhing on the floor pulling on my leg at my ankle. The thing is, there can be 5 people in the room or 200, and he brings it every single time.
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I forgot to post last week before the show, but Joe is also in several television commercials, and currently he's the center of the "White Gold" campaign to promote milk.

White Gold "One Gallon Axe"

And here's the band performing a San Diego favorite, "Beaver Fever".
The Ringers, "Beaver Fever"

After the set, a few of us hung out, and my Ken Club homies showed up, so we chilled for a bit, and then we all made our way back to Kensington. The Ringers came by, too, so we chatted outside the bar before they took off, and then closed the bar down. My friend ended up hanging out at my place for a couple drinks and crashing at my place, so Friday I was pretty spent. When I got home from work, I went straight to sleep, and by the time I woke up, didn't motivate for anything more than walking to the Ken, but that ended up being a good call because my friends came and met me there, too. Since I'd gotten such a late start on the night, inevitably I ended up staying up until 6 in the morning. Abraham and I even went and laid in the park during sunrise to listen to all the birds of Kensington go crazy in the trees there. This, of course, resulted in me getting a late start on Saturday, but it all worked out, and I'll post about Saturday later.

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