Friday, May 09, 2008

Roots Festival 2008 5.3.08 & 5.4.08

Saturday, as I mentioned, I got a bit of a late start on my day, but eventually I motivated and Pascha and I walked to Normal Heights to check out the Roots Festival. I didn't have a whole lot of time to check out music, really only catching a couple songs by The Coyote Problem playing on the DiMille's stage. I met up with Dagart and we made a lap around all the vendors, then Petro called, so we went to his roof patio and ended up hanging out drinking beer and catching up.

I took a couple pictures of some of the street sights.

Natalie called and came and hung out for a sec, then we dropped off Pascha before heading up to the Belly Up. I ended up back at the Roots Fest on Sunday, mostly because I was hungry and knew I'd have plenty of street fair fare to choose from. I bumped into OP and we we ended up hanging out for the last couple hours of the Roots Fest, sharing sambussas and churros, then hanging in the park listening to Nathan James & Ben Hernandez. That was actually really cool because Ben played a washtub bass and some other random instruments.

The Roots Fest seems to be a bit smaller than it was in the past but it's still appealing to me because its just a fun little thing to check out in my hood and it's nice to see my neighbors out and about enjoying themselves. Or as OP said, "it's fun to watch old people dance." Yes, it is.

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