Thursday, May 01, 2008

Let the sandwich wars commence: Quiznos offers $5 sandwiches

Last night, Quiznos launched their new ad campaign for a $5 large Deli Favorites subs. I know for a fact that they actually had to verify their claim of 49.1% more meat than Subway, and wouldn't you rather have a fresh toasted Quiznos sub than the same old soggy Subway?

Just an FYI, the $5 deal is good for Deli Favorites only...that's oven roasted turkey & cheddar, tuna melt, honey ham & swiss, and roast beef & cheddar. Sandwiches from the Premium Steak Subs, Inspired Turkey Subs, Delectable Chicken Subs, and Signature Classic Subs menus are all gonna run you $7 for a large, which easily feeds two people.

Store locator, menus, etc. can all be found here.

While you're there, pick up a couple Sammies. The Sonoma Turkey is delicious.

Also, did you know Quiznos delivers? The special prices are valid for delivery orders, too, and you can order online. It's almost your stomach growling yet?

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by Mario S. said...

I'm loving these sandwich wars. I think Togo's is better than all the other chains.