Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Saturday, 5.3.08 in Brief

Saturday ended up being a marathon day, so I'm glad I didn't really motivate until the afternoon. It started with me walking Pascha to the Roots Festival, where I watched Coyote Problem for a little bit, then met up with Dagart and we cruised around a bit and then ended up at Petro's place where we hung out on the deck having a couple beers. Natalie and I finally got in touch, so she picked me up from Petro's, we dropped off my dog at my place, then headed north. We'd missed Anya, but got there a couple songs into Britt Daniel's set and he was incredible.

From the Belly Up, Natalie dropped me off at home and a few minutes later Daniel picked me up. We went to Chasers to see Fkenal and hung out a bit, then we picked up Natalie. We all went to U-31 where we'd already missed Wallpaper, so we walked to Pink Elephant and caught Two Sheds and a bunch of our friends were there. Natalie had a ride home set, so we hung out for a while before Dan and I headed back to Kensington hoping that Apes of Wrath were playing super late, but no such luck, but we had a couple drinks before going back to my house. My neighbors were partying, so they invited us over and we ended up staying there really late. I've got pics of some of that night, and have a ton from Britt, but I've got to get to my listings, so I'll post more later, perhaps tomorrow night.

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