Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Kills, Dax Riggs, Roxy Jones- Casbah, 5.19.08

I really thought this weekend I'd spend a lot more time on the computer to catch up with things but I spent most of Memorial Day weekend with my family. You try to write when you're adorable niece and god-sister around. Just try. So I will try and get to some of last weeks photos.

My week started off at The Casbah on Monday for Anti-Monday League. I had no idea the show would be in such demand. It supposedly had been sold out for a couple weeks. I went mostly because I'm just into Anti-Monday League shows and know they're always a good time. Unfortunately, on this night, either 70% of the audience came down from LA or they were just suddenly acting like Angelinos. People were rude and pushy, so I kept my distance, spending most of the night on the patio.

I did arrive in time to catch one song by Roxy Jones, but alas, no pics. I love those guys, though, and I know they'll be playing again soon.

Dax Riggs played second. I saw him last time he was down with his band Deadboy & The Elephantmen, and honestly, I think his sound is made to have a backing band. Still, I like his voice a lot but as I said, after a few songs went out to the patio where I ended up spending some time trying to help a couple friends get into the show. Fortunately Andrew and Tim were able to help a couple people out.

After Dax finished I made my way to the side ledge and was chatting with a couple friends when some dickwad made some comment to me about being in his way. The band was still 25 minutes away from even coming onstage, but pissy-pants irritated the shit out of me, so back to the patio I went. I ended up seeing the same p.o.s. last night at Brick By Brick and I don't think he showered since The Kills show, because his b.o. was rancid, but whatever. Sucks to be a hideous person.

Anyway, time passed and The Kills started their set with U.R.A. Fever, which I thought was pretty strange to start with their radio single, but maybe they were trying to thin the herd, like, "if that's the only song you know, you can go now." I was one of those people. I really didn't feel like fighting the crowd, so I made my way back out to the patio where I was in the presence of Casbah royalty :)

(l-r) Tim Mays, Pall Jenkins, Tim Pyles, Jimmy LaValle, Drew Andrews

I did go inside once or twice to see the show, but I can really only handle a sold out Casbah show for bands that I have more passion for. The Kills won me over to the point where I'd like to investigate their catalog a bit more, but not enough to put up with some of their fans. I never got within good shooting range, but here are a couple blurry pictures just for the hell of it.

After the show, when everyone was clearing out, we chilled out for a bit and had a couple fun photo ops with the band while people inside danced to DJ Edgartronic, then I finally made my way home. It was actually a good night, but that had very little to do with the bands and more to do with the people I was around, but sometimes that's just the way it goes.

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