Friday, May 02, 2008

In Case You Thought I Was Slacking

It's certainly going to be a big weekend and I actually had to decline tickets to two shows because I'm already way overbooked with plans for the weekend, but for your benefit and mine, I'm gonna list out some of the things I still mean to cover or recap this weekend.

1. This week I went to see M.I.A. and Holy Fuck at 4th & B. I didn't get a photo pass, so my pics are shit, but my lovely friend Greg wrote a great review of the show that I need to post, and maybe I can find a couple pics to accompany his text.

2. Wednesday night I went to a new venue downtown called The Stage. It's cool but certainly has some kinks to work out, so I'll review the venue as well as posting some of my pics of The Silent Comedy and River City who collectively packed the house.

3. Last night was the Red Bull Air Race kickoff and I was lucky enough to see Cut Copy. I got some great pics that I cannot wait to upload. There is nothing cooler than a full on stage with killer lighting that changes throughout a show. After that, I saw The Ringers and Hotel St. George at the Beauty Bar so I got some great pics there, too, so I'll get to writing about all of that.

4. New CDs: Man, I got home from work yesterday and had 3 new CDs in my mailbox, which doesn't even account for all the digital downloads and CDs I've received in the past couple months. No, I don't do reviews, but I can still highlight some of the music keeping me happy these days.

Expect to see me with a bus pass, my laptop, my iPod, and some string cheese in my pocket- all I really need to have a killer weekend.

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Natalie said...

I have photos of Holy Fuck from Coachella if you want to run them. No luck with M.I.A. though - shit was jam packed so I bailed to get Animal Collective instead.