Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lucy's Fur Coat, Casbah, 5.15.08

My apologies to Francine and Alex and Eric and Camille for missing the BBQ, but after Daye dropped me off from X-Fest, the beer and sun hit me and I discovered that my laundry was still wet, so I couldn't make it. I also really needed a shower after being in that heat. Later that night, I made my way to the Casbah. I knew the show would start late, so I was in no rush and arrived around 10:30. The opening band was still onstage but I was looking for some friends so I didn't watch them at all. They sounded cool though, and the singer looked familiar.

I found my friends and we laughed that the average age of the crowd was probably 37. A friend of mine teased me that Lucy's was "before my time" which was kind of true. I saw them at a handful of shows in high school, but this was my first time ever seeing them in a bar. They were around even before I became "Alicia" for a few years with a borrowed I.D. I know they've played some since then, but I missed those opportunities. This show was a big deal to me, and my old friend Idey even came out from New York to check out the shows.

About 20 minutes before the band started, Pete, Idey and I secured our spots up front. Idey was videotaping the show for the band, so I asked the sound guy to keep the lights up a bit more than usual, or at least use them throughout the show. Once they started, he was all over it so huge thanks to him. When the band started, I don't know what to say except the show was insane.

Charlie struts around the stage like a man possessed, with the posture of a peacock showing his feathers. In the first song, Charlie backed into the drumkit and knocked over the cymbals. In the second song, his mic got unplugged. In the third song, the top of the mic stand pulled out of the bottom part and Charlie almost fell over it. The rest of the show, however, was spot on. I could've done without the giant ape who decided to push the crowd around during the more raucous songs until Andrew intervened, but a couple guys behind me were kind enough to protect me from them as I took pictures and filmed a couple songs. I'll upload the YouTube later.

It was a great show and I was sorry I couldn't come back on Saturday for the second show. A super huge thanks to that dude in the white shirt who had my back.

More pictures if you click "keep on reading" below.


Anonymous said...

Girl, i had a blast!!! Charlie and the boy's rocked it. I shouldve worn those earplugs, but as they say, you can't hear shit!

great seeing you, great to see Lucy's. The video turned out great, with the exception of the guy who kept yelling "Lucy was a Whore"....funny bit from you on that.

Phil's BBQ was of course scrumptious.

The Ayatollah of Rock n Roll-Ah. Right on.

The Idey

Anonymous said...

Two fan-fucking-tastic shows! Post your video on YouTube! Where are the rest of the pics???