Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nichole & Aaron's Wedding, 5.16.08

I know my readers have come to check my site mostly for my listings and occasionally my news and recaps, but my family reads my site, too, and as such, I still like to get a little personal here. Nichole grew up on my block- we used to play house together, walk to school together, and are lucky enough to have maintained our friendship over the years. She met Aaron in a photography class, and after nine years of dating, they finally (!) tied the not over the weekend. The wedding was at her parent's house in Yucaipa and the reception followed in Redlands. My whole family (minus my bro who is in Iraq) made the trip up to the Inland Empire; my mom and dad, sister, God-sister, brother in law, niece, and my cousin came out from LA. We left San Diego at 11 and arrived at Morongo Casino around 1:30, allowing us some time to enjoy the casino before heading to the wedding, which was about 25 minutes away.

It was hot, but the wedding was really pretty and a little punk rock. My sister was a bridesmaid, and Claudia was a flower girl, and we really enjoyed the day.

After the wedding and reception drew to a close, we headed back to the casino. My dad and brother in law headed home and it was a fun all girls night at the hotel. My mom and I gambled for a little while but after the video poker sucked away our cash. The place was bumpin with college kids who looked 13, but fortunately our room was quiet. Come the morning, we checked out and had breakfast at a nearby IHOP (as one is wont to do in the Inland Empire) and then made our way back to San Diego (after a brief stop at a Super Target. huge.) We hoped we'd experience cooler weather when we got back, but looks like it was pretty miserable down here, too, so maybe we were better off being in that overly air conditioned casino. I got back around 4 and napped before it was time to head to the House of Blues. next post for that...

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benilhalk said...

Cute post! It reminded me of my own wedding 10 years ago. It was in one of the San Francisco wedding venues and my niece was born that time. Oh, she was just as beautiful. It is a lovely post and beautiful wedding. God bless the stunning couple.