Sunday, May 04, 2008

M.I.A. & Holy Fuck @ 4th & B, 4.28.08

I feel like I haven't been able to keep up with things the past couple weeks, and I find myself, when I do have the time, staring blankly at my screen not knowing what to write. I didn't really recap on the week before last because while I still went out a couple nights, there wasn't really anything that notable that happened other than my camera breaking, and really, that's only notable to me.

I caught Firethorn at their CD release show, but Natalie recapped it quite well here. I also went to The Spits show at the Ken Club, but it was super packed and I didn't take pictures. It was a fun show and there were a lot of drunk-off-their-asses people there, and that night ended with an after party at my house. Unfortunately, my cold returned and I spent Coachella weekend at home being sick listening to 94/9's Coachella broadcast on the radio while I mostly vegged out.

When Monday night rolled around, I was ready for M.I.A. and just getting back out of the house. After having such a hard time at Death Cab For Cutie, I bought a new camera on an impulse, perhaps not the best way to make a purchase, but I thought I was set for a photo pass. Unfortunately, I got to the show way too early and waited over an hour outside. When I got in, I watched Holy Fuck from upfront, then hung back waiting for my pass. Holy Fuck was awesome, by the way. Four dudes onstage rocking out with a couple turntables, a guitar, and a full drumset. The set was mostly instrumental noise, but they had a couple bangers where they added vox, too. I thought they kicked ass.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really chill out because I was still chasing down the photo pass, and it wasn't until Maya was moments from taking the stage that I was told her tour manager wasn't allowing any photo passes, or any more, or something like that, but the point was, the sold out crowd was already pressed up to the stage and I wasn't feeling aggressive enough to try and make a move, so I just hung back and enjoyed the show. M.I.A. sounded great and she's so incredibly sexy onstage, even in funky outfits that nobody but M.I.A. could pull off. She was all over the stage, along with some backup dancers, and it was cool that there were a couple risers so people could see her from anywhere in the room. It appeared as if everyone in the room was taking pictures or video, so you can see a lot of videos on YouTube.

The show was pretty nuts, but after it ended I wasn't ready to call it a night. Unfortunately, I got to my car and realized I had a headlight out, so I went straight home. Better that way, though, since it turned out to be a pretty busy week.

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by Mario S. said...

When she sucked it up at Coachella, I knew this show was going to be good. Hit or miss is what I hear.