Friday, May 09, 2008

Tapes n Tapes, Casbah, 5.7.08

I was pretty spent on Wednesday after spending a late night at the Ken on Tuesday night, but before my friend Greg moved back east, he gave me his ticket to Tapes n Tapes, so I went with the motivating factor that I had to experience the show for him. It also occurred to me that since there was the weekend when I was sick and then the weekend when my brother was here, and basically a whole bunch of nights where I didn't motivate to drive, it had been at least a few weeks since I'd been to the Casbah and I was really missing it. I arrived while White Denim was onstage, and though they sounded great, I opted to hang on the patio catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Before Tapes n Tapes started, I went in to the venue where there was room for me to get up close with Natalie while the gear was still being loaded onstage. I saw Tapes n Tapes at Street Scene, but of course that huge stage doesn't compare with seeing the band up close. I was happy to be there and really enjoyed their set, took some pictures from my position up front, then about halfway through their set, thought I'd let someone else get up close, and retreated back into the crowd and bounced back and forth from the patio. I only have the first album, and heard mixed reviews on the new one, but after seeing them live, I'm gonna have to check it out, because the mix of new and old material sounded just fine to me.

Tapes n Tapes Setlist, Casbah, 5.7.08

Natalie was kind enough to score me the setlist after the show. It was also cool catching up with Tim Pyles, though he got kind of embarassed when we were talking and he was standing right in front of his shrine.

Of course, during the show my second wind kicked in and I finished the night with a quick beverage at the Ken Club before calling it a night.

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