Friday, May 02, 2008

Winner: Duran Duran Tickets

For most of my contests, I just e-mail everyone who played, but there were a ton of entries this time around and I am completely disorganized. Congratulations to Tony S of La Mesa for winning the tickets.

For my next giveaway, I've got TEN copies of The Muslims "Extinction" 7" vinyl. For this one, I'll keep it open until Wednesday. Send an e-mail to sddialedin AT gmail DOT com, put "Extinction" as the subject, and put your name, address and phone number in the e-mail. Most of the time I keep the info to myself, but in this case, participation in the contest acknowledges a release of your information to sweet Kelly of Sweet Tooth Records who is trying to build a database of locals who care about local music. If anything, you should be happy to be on any e-mailing list she creates. Send your e-mails and thanks for playing.

I should mention, friendship with me does not help nor hinder your chances of winning any of my contests. Someone asked if they were banned from my contests because we're friends in real life and the answer is that everyone has a fair shot. If Boo Radley doesn't choose the winner, I have a friend at work draw the name from a hat old-school stylie...there's no limit, either, so enter every contest if you feel so inclined. I keep it fair and honest and friends have no advantage or disadvantage.

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