Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin & Port O'Brien @ Beauty Bar, 5.11.08

I was really excited to see Port O'Brien again. They're a little bit country and a whole lot of rock, and were the perfect band to get me in the mood for Langhorne Slim on Tuesday. I'm hoping the Beauty Bar, with all their recent changes, will do me the kind favor of adding a couple more lights for the stage, even just a couple small ones, because I really hated having to use my flash. This band is so good with such great energy during the performance, but also you get the sense that they're all good people, the kind you'd wanna just chill with at a park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. They played a lot of songs from their forthcoming album which I was supposed to have received in the mail last week. Gonna have to check on that. Anyway, they were great, particularly their last song of the night, where they pointed to a large wooden box set in front of the stage, and instructed the crowd to grab stuff. Inside the box were a bunch of pots and pans, spoons, a washboard, and various other metal pieces which the crowd banged together while also singing along with the band, who were joined onstage by Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin.

I totally missed the boat when it comes to Someone Still Love You, Boris Yeltsin. Of course I read the blogs and heard their name, but I just never checked them out. After seeing them on Sunday, I'm very sorry I was so late to the game, because I was easily converted. SSLYBY is very pop-driven, and to me, they sounded like one of my all time favorite bands, Crowded House (minus the accents), which pleased my ears and I found myself bopping my head along throughout the set. It was only a bummer that their set was a tad shorter than it was supposed to be due to noise curfew, but hopefully these boys will come back through town soon.

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