Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Weekend Recap: Belly Up, Casbah, BBQ, Ken Club, etc.

I wouldn't feel right if I didn't write about my weekend, so excuse the diary post. Strangely I didn't feel compelled to take pictures, or as in the case of Saturday night, I did, but they came out like shit, so I'll just kinda recap how my weekend went, but I'll put it after the jump so as not to clog my front page.

Starting on Thursday night, I took a really short 20 minute nap before driving up to the Belly Up to sell merch for The Album Leaf. Jimmy asked me last time I was at the Casbah if I was for hire and gave him a resounding yes. I'm all about making a little cash on the side to support my show attendance and bar tabs, so I was happy to do it. Little did I know just how much merch they had. The quantity wasn't so bad because we didn't do a count-in, but I learned throughout the night that it's really hard to dig through 7 boxes and a trunk with low light and even less space. I did my best.

More important, the show was a great one. Calico Horse started off the night and aside from a couple moments of feedback, the band sounded made for the Belly Up, with their rich, warm sounds. Manuok was second up and I realized it had been some time since I'd seen them perform as a full band and it, too, sounded great. For mellow music, it was loud and there was no chance of the crowd drowning the sound. Last up was Album Leaf, and they alternated songs with vocals with instrumentals and it was one of those moments where I kinda pinched myself at how talented this whole group of guys really is. Seriously, the number of projects these guys have their collective fingers in is astounding, and their fans were out in full force to appreciate it.

After the show I packed up all the merch and chatted with the band before making my way back south, getting home a little after 2 a.m. I'll tell you, it was my first solid sleep in a while. I was beat.

Friday, after a full workday, I got off work a little bit early and was really energized and took the time to clean up my house, which had pretty much gone to shambles over the course of the week since I'd been out every night since returning from vacation. It was nice to have a clean house, but perhaps I shouldn't have skipped dinner, because when I went to the Casbah for Fleet Foxes, I was in the wrong state of mind.

The show was sold out and a lot of my friends were there that I hadn't seen in a while, and I was hyper. Not exactly the right energy level for this particular show. I missed Fantastic Magic, but the Dutchess and The Duke were this kinda plucky, quiet band and Fleet Foxes definitely fit their My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses comparisons. The crowd was packed in and I really wished the show was on a Tuesday night instead of a Friday because I was just as much a 'weekend warrior' as the usual Friday nights, unable to stand in one place. I attempted three pictures but gave up and retreated to the patio to chill with my friends. I definitely want to see both bands again, just not when my brain and body are racing. Needless to say, I hit the Ken Club after the show, and ran into more friends who came over after, but I crashed out pretty quick and was happy to not have to wake up at any specific time come Saturday.

I loafed around most of the day, except for my trip to Gabriel's tortilleria/carniceria to get goods for the BBQ. I know I said I wasn't gonna buy anything, but what kind of hostess is that? I picked up some beer, set up the backyard, and made some of my rice and beans before everyone arrived.

When I first moved to Kensington, I used to have several parties throughout the summer, but last year I slacked a bit, so it's been good to get the nudge from Abraham and others to host more daytime parties. A lot of people showed up with a lot of beer and though we got a later jump on the afternoon than intended, I think everyone had a pretty good time. (we said 5 pm, most people showed up after 7pm) And like I said, even then I didn't feel any need to take out my camera. Team Abraham, Hotel St. George, and a couple dozen of our friends were here and we ate good food and had yummy beer until we realized it was time to head to the Ken Club. Sorry to The Stereotypes, because I think they were supposed to play second but were tired of waiting and went ahead and set up in everyone's absence.

The show was great...all three bands were damn good, and though I'd paced myself in the afternoon, sticking to beer alone, at the bar I decided to move on to Cazadores. I think after all afternoon of sun and fun, boozin' and schmoozin', there really was no after party. When the bar was done, so were we. Some friends crashed out, but it was all about sleep.

That lead to Sunday when I was ready for some quiet time. I stayed home all day and stayed almost completely unplugged all day, though I couldn't resist checking out Twitter.

On Thursday night, one of my cat's had popped out my screen and Kiwi, my oldest cat, hadn't come home since, though she was just next door hiding any time I'd try to get her in. I was concerned, so finally was able to coax her home with some food, but she managed to get back out, so that night, while I was trying to sleep, she was outside crying. I found her and brought her in. Back to sleep, only to be awaken by one of my cats barfing. Gross. Back to sleep, only to be awaken by my dog barking her head off at something. I was worried my cats were sick and I'd gotten no sleep, so I took Monday off of work. I had scheduled it anyway, but wish I could've saved the day for later in the summer, but mommy duty called. I think my cats are ok now, but I was a little worried for a while.

All this lead to Monday night. Anti-Monday League at the Casbah, with Writer, Henry Clay People, and Swim Party. That show will get it's own post. It was definitely a great weekend, and inspiration enough to have a couple more parties this summer so keep an eye out. Huge thanks to everyone who came over and made it such a killer weekend. Looking forward to the next time around.

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