Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Butterfly Jungle at San Diego Zoo Safari Park: March 24-April 15

I created this blog post before Texas and I thought I set it to post before the Butterfly Jungle actually opened, but alas, I did not. So, below is the press release for the Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido. Last year we took my nieces and it was a great opportunity for them to learn about butterflies and being gentle with the creatures. If you have a zoo pass, it is worth the trip to the Safari Park. The butterflies tend to be drawn to sweet fragrances (lotions, perfumes, shampoos and conditioners) as well as bright colored clothing.
Butterfly Jungle at San Diego Zoo Safari Park:
Be Charmed by Fragile Winged Wonders

What: Once a year, guests at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are enchanted and spellbound as thousands of butterflies flitter around them in a walk-through aviary. Some may even land on guests' shoulders and heads!

When: March 24 to April 15, 2012.

Who: The 30 species of butterflies highlighted this year hail from Africa, Asia and Central and South America and include the zebra longwing, orange-barred tiger and Grecian shoemaker. Old favorites such as the monarch, giant swallowtail and blue morpho also will be charming guests.Not far from Butterfly Jungle, guests can check out more winged creatures at the Safari Park's new bat exhibit: a cloud of 13 Rodrigues fruit bats.

Extras: Special activities are scheduled throughout the Park during Butterfly Jungle. There will be butterfly-themed foods, such as cupcakes, and a pre-show at the daily Cheetah Run!

Cost: Butterfly Jungle is included with admission to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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