Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Jeff's Upcoming Show Recommendation

While it is so easy to become jaded with all the shows, hype, buzz, overkill or whatever one prefers to call it, there are always bands and shows which I believe are of the can't miss variety. One such show features only two bands; one from North Carolina and the other from London. The connection is a simple one: heartfelt indie folk music. The former is Bowerbirds, basically a duo featuring Beth Tacular and Phil Moore. The latter is the British quintet fronted by Peter Liddle, Dry The River. The date to remember is also quite easy, being this upcoming Easter, April 8. The Casbah is the place to be when the two bands gather to present songs from their recently released albums. Without going into detail I thought it would be easier to preview the show with a video from each band's album. This is Bowerbirds third release while Dry The River, though formed in 2009, just released their initial full length today. The Clearing (Bowerbirds)is being released on Dead Oceans tomorrow.

This is a show I believe should fill The Casbah, holiday notwithstanding.

Enjoy the videos, mark the date, and purchase tickets here.

Watch a video about The Clearing.

Watch a video of The Chambers & The Valves below.

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