Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SXSW Experience: Cults

There were so many San Diego bands in Austin this year that it was impossible to see everyone while we were there, so I asked some locals to share their SXSW experiences. This is from Cory Stier who is playing with Cults. The band has a sold out show tonight at the Belly Up. Cuckoo Chaos posted a recap of their own here. If you went to Texas and didn't hear from me, feel free to answer the questions and shoot'em over to me for posting. 

How long were you in Austin?

Mar 12-16

Did you drive or fly? Any travel stories you'd like to share?

Traveled by tour bus. We were in Houston the night before Austin playing a show with of Montreal & it got a lil wild. Cannot remember the drive at all.

Did you play? If so, when and where?
Mar 12 @ Speakeasy (Say Media showcase)
Mar 14 @ Red 7 (Carson Daly filming showcase)
Mar 15 @ Google Interactive party
Mar 15 @ Mess With Texas
Mar 16 @ The ND 501 (Windish Agency showcase)

How were your crowds? The venues?
All the shows were pretty great (minus the Google Interactive party, weird vibe, played on top of a parking garage structure).

Any memorable or standout moments from your own shows?
My feet will never forgive me for the amount of walking I did. I know that's not really memorable or standout, but seriously, I'll never forget how my dogs were barking each day.

Did you catch any parties or showcases of note?
Not nearly as many of I would have hoped to. I caught a Panache Booking party on Tuesday that was fun. Also saw The War On Drugs on Thursday night. GREAT band.

Will you go back as a band or fan in 2012?
Hopefully a fan...but I wouldn't be surprised if I had to go back to play. Ugh!

Any wrapup thoughts, lessons learned, crazy moments, cool tales to share?
I don't know what to & what not to share...I just had a great time with all my buddies out there. There were a surprisingly large amount of SD folks too (which was nice). I hope NPMT can take some pointers from SXSW about how to properly organize a music festival of that nature.

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