Monday, March 12, 2012

OTR: Dry The River at the Casbah 4/8/2012

I may not be hip to who the next big knob twirly electro-gazey chillwavey hipster bands will be, but my passion is ignited when it comes to new folky and rootsy guitar plucky pretty music kinda stuff. Like how many times did I tell you to go see Other Lives?? And now that little indie band is touring with Radiohead. Anyway, Dry The River is making waves from across the pond and is kinda like taking  Mumford and Sons and shaking them up with Fleet Foxes, and throwing in a dash of Calexico for good measure. The band is coming to the Casbah on April 8, opening for Bowerbirds and I love what I'm hearing (you can find them on Spotify until their album drops on April 17 if you're not sneaky enough to find the advance online). According to their press release:
They just landed on the super exclusive BBC Sound of 2012 list. This comes after hitting the #1 spot on the NME Chart and having been named one of GQ’s “100 Best Things in the World Right Now” and Q Magazine’s “Faces of 2012.”

Critics have been praising Dry the River and “Weights & Measures” with Q Magazine calling it, “Breathtaking stuff”, GQ raving that “…it’s a masterpiece in the making, packed with catchy riffs and overlaid with lyrical intelligence.” And the Sunday Times simply stating, “They have their own voice – and use it beautifully.”
Below is their new video, "New Ceremony".


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Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

I love the throw-back folksy feel that focsues so much on dry guitar sounds, plucking noises, and clean, raspy vocals too. a perfect description you've given.. a blend between mumford & sons and Fleet foxes. I'd go as far as to say that they have created somewhat of a new genre: floaty folk. Just a month away until their new album launches!! I'll be seeing them at the casbah in a month or so and i can't wait to see their talents on stage!