Monday, March 05, 2012

SXSW: Will You Help Me Go?

The music portion of South By Southwest is a little over a week away which means I don't have a lot of time to decide if this is really going to happen for me this year. My iffy living situation and finances because of said living situation are looking bleak, but at the same time, I kinda feel like this might be my last big hurrah for SXSW. Last year I was given a press badge; this year I was granted a wristband, but that is still a lot better than just going with nothing. I considered putting together a big SXSW/Eviction fundraiser, but I'm not the only one trying to get to Texas, so I couldn't very well ask bands to play for me when they're trying to get there themselves, but I will be absolutely shameless here for one last time.

If you find this site useful throughout the year, whether you check the listings regularly, you check out the music videos, or perhaps I've helped get people out to your band's shows by including you in my listings, please consider a donation. Every dollar helps; in fact if everyone who typically checks my Monday listings donated just $5 (less than a drink in most bars), I would clear my trip and my impending relocation. Even if I don't get to Texas, the cost of keeping this site going is making it harder to justify. I know from the past that the reality is that a handful of people might feel compelled to help and everyone else just clicks away, but I'll put it out there one last time before I have to decide my next move. Please donate.

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lyn said...

i'm crossing my fingers for you! sorry i couldn't help more but i am going to london next week and the exchange rate is killing me.