Thursday, February 01, 2007

94/9 Insider Kevin Gunnels(sp?): You are LAME! I meant AWESOME.

2nd set on 94/9:

The Hardest Button to Button- White Stripes
Sweet Child O'Mine- Guns n Roses
Mardy Bum- Arctic Monkeys

He get's another $100 for that selection?? Oh, Sarah Reynolds, we were counting on you.


Unknown said...

funny, we had the same thoughts on posting their lame songs.

i don't have any faith it's going to get better.

Unknown said...

I thought part of the criteria was to have excellent taste in music....?

These selections are heard on 949 all the time.

Also, Arctic Monkeys are way overdue for a backlash. Possibly the most overrated group of 06.

Kevin Gunnells said...

Hey, I resent that. I originally chose Republic of Letters, Flosstradamus, and Vinyl Radio. But they said I only had a choice of like 20 songs.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Kevin, you're awesome. Thanks for being a good sport.

Unknown said...

That previous Kevin Gunnels wasn't me!

I'm sorry my picks didn't please you, but when they called my name like that i drew a blank!

And one song out of each set was a request from a friend at work.