Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Tidbits: The Clockwork Army, Buck-0-Nine, Rob Crow

There has been some debate about whether The Clockwork Army is over or not. Here's the official answer from Emily:
Basically, Scott quit the band, but I intend on
finishing the record. I mean, hell, how many chances do you get to record a
record with Pall Jenkins?! So yeah, Pall and I are finishing up the album and
I'lll worry about playing shows when that time comes. I was thinking about
changing the name to mark such a drastic change in the project, but I am still
going to continue making music.

You should've caught Emily last night at the Casbah. The Muslims are bringin it big time.
Buck-O-Nine are recording a new album. You can read all about it on their MySpace blog. I was a huge fan back in the day so I'm interested to hear how the band has evolved over the years. Like ska or not, there were few shows in 1996 that could compete with a Buck-O-Nine show at the old Soma by USD.
Don't forget tomorrow night Rob Crow starts his national tour here at home. I'll be there and you should be, too. According to a MySpace bulletin, the band will be featuring Travis Nelson and Manolo Turner (both of Heavy Vegetable) and Donny and Kenseth (both former Pinback back-up bandmates).
Last night I was at the Hard Rock Café (more on that later) talking to Madison, the morning host from KPRI, when Jim Laslovic walks up. (I used to teach tennis to James, Jr.) He tells us that as of 6:15 Marty Shottenheimer was canned. Thinking this was huge breaking news, I excitedly text messaged several friends, only to find out that it was already all over the news. So much for feeling "in the know", but in my defense, at least I was out, not glued to my TV. So there. Daye, I'm talking to you.
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catdirt said...

ah buck o nine. aren't they a taang records band?

Rosemary Bystrak said...

They were a Taang! band. They have not been for almost 10 years.