Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who do you love?

It's funny how since I've started this little bloggy thingy, people ask me what I'm listening to, as if my opinion matters. They ask what local bands are on my radar, and what I like in general. I sit at a desk all day and the reality is that I can literally sit at my desk all day without exchanging any conversation with anyone in the office, so I like listening to streaming radio for stimulation. I like the radio banter on Indie. I like listening to the DJs get buzzed on Wino Wednesdays, I like how Jonesy just rambles whatever the hell he wants, and I like the sports reports from Timothy Oliphant (of the HBO series Deadwood) and news from Liz Warner. All this and the MySpace music I listen to or the Insound music player, and I don't listen to a whole bunch of CDs. And after work, I'm too busy going out to shows, you know?

On the occasion that I do pop in a CD, here's what I've been listening to (new and old stuff):
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Some Loud Thunder: If Satan Said Dance, I better listen, right?
Gomez- How We Operate: This was one of my favorite albums last year and I'm listening to it a lot as I try to decide whether I want to see Cold War Kids at the Casbah, or sell my ticket and buy one for Gomez and Ben Kweller on the same night at the House of Blues. Gomez are coming from across the pond, CWK are just coming down from LA, but it might be the last chance to see them in a small venue. Also, seeing Gomez last year on a harbor cruise for a KPRI Private Listener Show was amazing but the live show (as pretty much all shows at the House of Blues) left something to be desired. This brings me to
Cold War Kids- Robbers and Cowards, Up In Rags (ep), With Our Wallets Full (ep): I love these guys and notice more and more bands (especially Monarchy bands) emulating their distinct onstage style.
The Long Winters- Putting the Days To Bed: A great show last year at the Casbah, but with the poor attendance, I can't blame them for skipping San Diego on the upcoming tour dates.
Rocky Votolato- Makers, Suicide Medicine: Rocky is hands down my favorite singer/songwriter and is playing at the Casbah on April 15. I hope that he's got some new material and hope he gets a good crowd because Barsuk seems to be more focused on their other artists these days (Menomena, Jesse Sykes, et al.)
Piers Faccini- Tearing Sky: Good gray day music. It will get heavy rotation if it does in fact rain this weekend as predicted by our meteorolgical "experts" of San Dieo news.
The Brian Jacket Letdown- Piratas: Last year when South played at the Casbah, I met Thomas, who was playing keyboards for the band on tour. The Brian Jacket Letdown is his fulltime band and they are planning on recording an album starting in April. Piratas is only a 2 song CD, but I like it a lot and the band is getting buzz in England because of a recent television appearance.

I also listen to local stuff and of course have been taking in the new Vinyl Radio, "A Better Time Coming" and listening to A Week's Worth and The Burning of Rome and still spinning Kite Flying Society's "Where Is The Glow?". I have been meaning to review some stuff, like Anna Troy "Ain't No Man" and Starcrossed "Waves" but haven't had the chance.

Since my local music collection is relatively sparse, mostly I catch my local fix live, which is why tonight's Casbah show should not be missed: The Roman Spring, Republic of Letters and Swim Party. Also some of the bands I love to see live include Old Man Hands, Matt Curreri and the Ex-Friends, Plural (did they break up?), Rafter, Bunky, among many, many others.

So there it is. Thinking about all of this, I think I need to go spend some money on Insound.

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