Monday, February 12, 2007

On how drastically different 94/9 is from 91X

91X is hosting a happy hour with Pepper on Wednesday at the House of Blues.
94/9 is hosting happy hour with Pepper on Thursday at the House of Blues.

See? 94/9 is obviously supreme. See, they get you drunk closer to the weekend so you can call in sick on Friday, and assuming you get President's Day off, turn it into a four day weekend. That's some good thinkin'.

I can't believe anyone accuses them of being alike.

by the way, does anyone like Pepper?


catdirt said...

dude- they even SOUND like the red hot chili peppers, in addition to having a name that is the.. oh fuck... i'm just so tired of pointing this out over and over.

andrea said...

Oh. I though Pepper was a RHCP cover band.

Unknown said...

Who's Pepper?