Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's Your Rupture? : caUSE- co-MOTION

I've extracted this from my Things To Do posting for Saturday night because I thought it warranted its own post.

This is from an email I received from the record label Whats Your Rupture? after CatDirt sent him my blog :

caUSE co-MOTION! is touring to promote What's
Your Rupture's new release Imagine the Shapes, a collection of the the first
four vinyl EP's released on the WYR? label by caUSE co-MOTION!, Love is All, the
Long Blondes and Comet Gain. Available for sale feb 6th from every fine record

caUSE co-MOTION!... Arno, Jock, Liam and
Alex… play a mess of clatter and jangle, broken hearts, sticks and strings.
Often compared to Indiepop bands like the pastels and television personalities
but CC's much closer to american hardcore because the songs are loud, fast and
rule! This is caUSE co-MOTION!'s first time in San Diego and we couldn't be more

I don't hide that I'm easily won over by people hooking me up, putting me on guestlists, sending me CDs, etc., because so far other than a handful of local bands putting me on lists, nothing like that has really happened. And frankly the difference between me and Troy Johnson is that music is his job and for me, it's all hobby. I don't make a cent for this blog. Well, that's not entirely true. My google ads have netted me exactly two cents...

That said, when a label finds me, even if it's because CatDirt sends them my way, I'm flattered. More than that, when they send me an e-mail that rocks my socks off, I'm gonna say so.

The CD I received has 4 bands: Love Is All, caUSE co-MOTION!, The Long Blondes, and Comet Gain. The disc will be available for sale next week and I recommend it. I also would recommend blowing off the Cat Empire show on Saturday at the Belly Up and instead head down to the Beauty Bar to see the first San Diego performance of caUSE co-MOTION! (I promise the music is good though the band name bugs me. ) caUSE co-MOTION! is dirty rockin garage stuff with jangly guitars that will get your ass shakin. The band hails from Brooklyn but my guess is that like several other New Yorkers, once they see our little paradise and our music scene that is blowin up, they'll move here.

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