Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doing the impossible: Gomez and Cold War Kids

I bit the bullet and just spent $29 at the HoB box office for a ticket to Ben Kweller and Gomez. There are several things that need to align to make it a perfect night. Ideally Ben Kweller will start promptly at 8pm, and Gomez at 9pm, finishing by 10:30. Then I would race to my car and drive to the Casbah (swiftly avoiding Mardi Gras traffic) and finding princess parking in time to catch the end of Delta Spirit and in time for all of the Cold War Kids set. I will need my friends at the CWK to keep me updated with texts (which miraculously I do receive in the HoB). Don't expect pictures, however. I'm not that sneaky talented...

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