Saturday, February 10, 2007

Recap, kinda: The Muslims, The Vultures, Grand Ole Party

The Tower Bar was the place to be last night, as the line of 30 people outside waiting to get in would demonstrate. $3 cover and a bar beyond capacity and still quick and friendly service by John, Dawn, Matt, and Mick behind the bar. I love that place. I will punch the next person who says "Oh, you mean Tower 22?" NO. THE Tower Bar. Get it right. As far as I'm concerned, Tower 22 doesn't even exist on my radar. There was an idiot chick at the W (for the Progressive Radio am 1360 party) who insisted that the W is owned by Will Smith and that Tower 22 is owned by Michael Jordan. People like her= why I don't go to Tower 22.

Anyway, the show was fun. I really felt for the first time in a while like I was out as a fan and not as a blogger. I took a couple pics but felt ridiculous snapping pictures of someone whose nose is a mere 18 inches from my own, so I stopped.

I have seen the Muslims already and the buzz around a band on only their 5th show is crazy. I thought it was the best performance I've seen yet.

The Vultures were on next and not really my thing. I thought the singer was pretty hilarious, yelling out "Can I get a new band?" and being very punk rock by being hilariously rude, but to me there was just not anything unique about their style.

I didn't think I was gonna stay for Grand Ole Party because I've seen them so many times and I kinda felt bad because Kristin said a lot of people outside were her coworkers, but when they started, the sound was so surprisingly good that I couldn't leave. Kirstin's voice was right on and the crowd was singing right along, which Troy noted is pretty cool for a band who've only given out a 3 song demo. Hey major label reps...where were you last night? San Diego was bringing it last night and you were trying to find the next big thing where? Brooklyn?

Anyway, I still haven't had a chance to upload pics because I don't have the USB cable, but they'll come soon enough. I'm off to the Liar's Club to see a.m. vibe. The vocalist is getting some pretty intense surgery so they could be taking a long break. Fuego melt, here I come...

love you all, my pretties...

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