Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FM 94/9 Insiders DJs

I haven't been listening to the selections of the djs, or even looking over them, but the current dj, Mike M, is on his 11th hour. So far, they have called 34 names and only 11 people have called in. Not a single girl who has been called has called in. All I'm saying is if you guys hear my name, you better hunt me down and find me. $1100?? Maybe 94/9 should've sent out the rules of the non-contest contest before asking people to register to be hired dj's. That was pretty misleading, if you ask me. I sit on my fat ass at a computer all day, but not everyone else does (which is why midday ratings always suck for all stations across the board), so had people known the rules, maybe they would've thought a little harder before signing up. I thought(hoped) it would be more of a focus group type thing. Whatever, at least Mike played Band of Horses.


Brooke B said...

In no way am I speaking for 94/9. This is merely my own personal opinion…

Mind you the Insider DJ program has only been up and running for ONE WEEK! It’s going to take some time for listeners to become fully acquainted with how it works. Be patient. The reason 94/9 launched the program is because of listener feedback. The #1 commonality from several “focus groups,” surveys and general comments from listeners is that listeners want is be empowered and pick the music. So 94/9 gave them that, which is more than any other radio station in the country can say.

And so what if Mike M is on for 11 hours. He picked some great artists like Band of Horses, De La Soul, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Yo La Tengo, The Velvet Underground etc. This stuff isn’t necessarily getting regular spins on the radio.

Give 94/9 is some credit. They are a great radio station. You don’t hear chatty DJs or cheesy sponsored contests. They play limited commercials, put on more concerts than any other station and heavily support local music. They know what they’re doing and are good at it, so give it some time people! Music diversity on the radio is a great thing.

Mike Manewitz said...

Glad you guys liked what I played! I was totally surprised that I went for that long (14 hours total). My philosophy was to play stuff that didn't really get a lot of radio play. I always love it when I hear a new band or song that I haven't heard before, so that's what I tried to play. I've had some good feedback and hope you guys get a chance to do it. It seems like a long-term promotion.