Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Songs That Are Playing On Repeat In My Head

"Wasted Little DJs" - The View- This Scottish band just had to cancel a planned US tour because of immigration issues.

"Young Folks"-
Peter, Bjorn and John- I've been talking about them for a while now but the US release is finally out (though Kristian had his hands on it months ago). You can listen to them on NPR's World Café here.

Youth Group- Youth Group was going to play at the Casbah next month then had to cancel due to date adjustments. I am pretty bummed about this one.

"Flathead"- The Fratellis- You've heard this song on the iPod commercial. I know you have. I'm supposed to be promoting their release, so hit me up if you want stickers.

"Lovers Who Uncover"-
The Little Ones - They played here a while back and a couple of them are originally from San Diego, but they've been touring Europe for a while where I guess they are huge.

"Save Yourself" The Colour - The more I listen, the more I love.

"Nature of the Experiment"- Tokyo Police Club- I've had this ep for a while now. They have skipped San Diego in their tours thus far, but will be at Coachella (where I won't be).

"Meds"- Placebo- Since 94/9 has yet to call my name, I will reveal my 3 song block that I would have played had they called me, and this was one of them. The other two would've been "Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse" by of Montreal and "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve. I think now if they call me I'd have three different selections, but I liked the idea of a themed block for the first one. Because I'm a dork.

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