Friday, February 09, 2007

Newsy Tidbits, kinda

Anna Nicole died yesterday. Her mother suspects it was drugs. Very insightful. If you watch Insider, you would know Anna hated her mom. I wish I didn't know, but her "career" was a trainwreck that you just couldn't look away from. Hopefully her daughter grows up in a safe and sane environment and ends a legacy of lunacy.
Yesterday I followed my impulse and made an order on Insound and it has already shipped. How's that for service? I'm just not into digital downloads, you know? I want the physical case, art, etc., and I love getting something cool in the mail every once in a while. Next week I look forward to receiving cds from Youth Group, Sun Kil Moon (a reissue with bonus disc), Peter, Bjorn And John, Sondre Lerche, Bloc Party, and Beirut. I also finally bought some Ear Love earplugs. All of that and I got 10% off and free shipping (on all orders over $30, when the products shipped are from the annex). Click the Insound button on the right of this site and use coupon code "SXSW_Insound".
Gimme your money!
Today the movie Norbitt comes out in theatres. Or is it the Klumps. Or is it some other fat person parody with Eddie Murphy playing some awful caricature in a fatsuit? This movie is not only annoying based on the previews, but it actually really pisses me off.
So really, if you're lame enough to spend $10 on this piece of shit movie this weekend, then you can be talked into anything.
So I'll tell you again, gimme your money.
Not much else in local news. MySpace bulletins have been down since Wednesday night and it's really starting to piss me off. Anyone who wants to promote anything is stressing big time right now.
Here's my boy Rocky Votolato from Fox Rox, now on You Tube. I'm gonna push this show like I'm his label rep because that's how much I like his music. April 15 @ The Casbah, and he's finally headlining, so none of that 20 minute set shit that he was allotted with Murder By Death.

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