Monday, February 26, 2007

The Altar Boyz

It's been a bit rough here in my *very* *important* *the world will fall apart without you* day job, so when I got an e-mail from Andrea about The Altar Boyz, I decided to go check them out because as someone pretty much kicked out of Catholic Church, there is nothing I like mocking more than Christianity. But to my surprise, I'm not the only one making fun of Christianity...

The Altar Boys is a show playing at the Civic Theater March 6-11. The show is "a spoof about a fictitious Christian boy band on the last night of their national 'Raise the Praise' tour." The boys: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham sing songs like with lyrics like "Jesus Called Me On My Cellphone" and the back handed "Girl, You Make Me Wanna Wait" which continues "At least until our wedding date...until then, I'll just have to master--... my own fate."

It was actually pretty funny (though very Broadway if you can handle that.)

They arrived on the Amtrak and they even had women with signs to greet them. Here are a couple more shots.

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In typical Rosey fashion, I won a pair of tickets to the show on March 7th by answering a trivia question. (What boy band was Justin Timberlake originally a part of? It was such an obvious question, I actually knew they'd ask it.) Anyway, if you're into shows, hit me up.

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