Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Newsy Bits

As I look at my arm with my bar stamps just inside my wrists, I have to say that last night was awesome (and I danced!). I'll get to that shortly, but first, San Diego gossip, news and happenings.
I got some info about Landlord Jim's. The entire block where the bar is located is rumored to be razed and turned into a parking structure to create needed spaces for City College, the police station and "Smart Corner", the multi use structure being built at 12th & C. Downtown development doesn't come easy or cheaply. The tenants of the apartments above the bar have all been moved, but the building owner is holding out on offers because the developer is trying to undercut the value of the liquor license which the new developer must pay as part of the acquisition costs. The bar is expected to remain open while negotiations continue, so go support your local bar. The bar should be open through at least April/May, but if negotiations and CCDC permitting happen slowly, the bar could remain open indefinitely, even through the end of the year. The bar will pretty much be open till the first wrecking ball crashes through.
Last night at the Casbah, I bumped into Ben Brewer of the New York band
The Exit. Last time we chatted, he wasn't sure if they would stay a bi-coastal band. Cutest story, too...he moved here for a girl and that is all working out well. His band recently joined him here and they recorded 15 songs for a record. Ben will be heading back to New York to record a couple more songs. He is a welcome addition to the local scene, so if you get a chance to catch him solo, I recommend doing so. Two of the newly recorded songs can be heard on The Exit's MySpace page and are the ones that say "demo".
I failed to mention this earlier, but local Johnny Cash cover band Cash'd Out performed last week at Cane's to a sold out audience. True, its a cover band, but what other local band can sell out Cane's? Cash'd Out has recently acquired Andy Robillard of UV Tigers, GoGoGo Airhart, and several other bands on the drums.
And speaking of the
UV Tigers...I hear that the band is on an indefinite hiatus and will not be playing again until there is a significant amount of new material written. If that happens.
Local band The Focus Group is recording material. Mitch Wilson (No Knife) is no longer a part of the project, however, as he is looking to get into the production side of music. He has recorded some tracks from Silverbird and is looking to hook up up-and-coming local bands. You benefit by having an awesome musician record a couple tracks FOR FREE, and Mitch benefits by getting some recording under his belt. It's a beautiful simbiotic relationship. Contact me if you're interested and I'll get you his contact info.
This is a MySpace message from d*Frost, my friend Anthony's band:

THIS Saturday February 3rd, D*FROST and the Fluid Distro Compound will be playing a benefit party in the loving memory of Remy Boothe. For those who didn’t know him, Remy was a great friend of the band and well known in our circle of people… he passed away on 1/1/2007. Tomorrow’s show is STRICTLY to help raise money for funeral costs. All proceeds will make it directly to Remy’s family. If you have a moment sometime tomorrow after 12:00 noon, please stop by, have a beer and enjoy the music we play in remembrance of Remy Booth. May he rest is peace.

The event will be held at 2257 Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach. First kegs get tapped at noon. The bands and DJ will be playing through out the day. Feel free to contact me for additional details. Thanks for your support!

From MySpace: The Southern California oddity, known as the Locust, has decended upon us with announcements of a new full length album and nation wide tour. New Erections, their sophomore release for Anti records will be available March 20th kicking off a month long tour with Cattle Decapitation and Daughters. For more information check out the MySpace profile below.

The Locust tour profile

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Ryan Taylor said...

i am a huge fan 'the exit'... I met ben at the first night of radiohead at the embarcadero last summer - i was just standing there and riyadh was like -"isn't that the guy from the exit?"

I went over and introduced myself, and he is super nice. We invited him and his girlfriend to come and have some drinks at landlord jim's and they said they would come, but alas, they did not show.

Nonetheless, 'home for an island' is a great record, and their drummer gunnar is a mutha-fekkin' animal. He literally looks like animal playing drums. It's quite a statement for Muse to have picked them up as touring support on their first 'absolution' tour. I hope hope hope they make it through all the moving turmoil and play some local shows! Local bands, watch out!

Ryan Orion