Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Newsy Bits for Tuesday

I am fighting a cold so I decided I had to stay in last night with just me and my nyquil. Not much in the way of news today, not even good new releases...if anything comes up I will update later...
James Cameron found Jesus! And Mary! And his WIFE Mary Magdelene! And their son! Wow. All the mysteries of the world have been solved by a movie director. Who knew? OK, he didn't really FIND it himself, but there will be a documentary about it. Obviously the Catholics are pissed.

Here's a pic of my old Mayday shirt from the 1994 event. I actually met an ex-boyfriend in the pit while we were against the railing getting kicked in the head by people stagediving during Lucy's Fur Coat. What a rad event that was.

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