Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Newsy Bits

This information has been out for a while, but somehow I skipped it, so maybe you missed it, too. M-Theory started up a new record label called Hi-Speed Soul. The first signing to the label is Adam Franklin, singer/guitarist/songwriter for 90's UK shoegazer legends Swervedriver! The record will be released in the spring but until then, hit up the myspace page to listen to some tracks off the album and request to be their friend. How about an album release with Evervess and Swandive?
FM 94/9 has kicked off their Insider DJ program. At the top of every hour (from 9a to 5p) they will announce a new name of an "Insider DJ" who has a half hour to call in for their $100 and 3-song selection. The first name was Kevin something from Oceanside. If someone doesn't call in on their hour, the person "on shift" from before can keep cashing in on the $100 and 3 more songs. What happens if Kevin doesn't call in though? Will this be a long running thing or will people get bored of having to listen at the top of every hour? I don't know but if you hear them call my name, IM me on AOL. Maybe I'll share my picks with you later...
Kevin called in. His set: Tenacious D "Tribute", Rise Against "Paper Wings", and "People Of The Sun" by Rage Against The Machine. I have to laugh because I told Andrea that Kevin From Oceanside would play either Tool or Rage. Damn, I'm good.
Boo. 10:00 DJ, Sara in Carlsbad.
Not in my regular "things to do" listing but this is also from the M-Theory newsletter:

Thurs. Feb. 1st @ Whistle Stop Bar @ 8pm:

M-Theory is working with the Visual Underground to bring a moving screening of "Before the Music Dies" to the masses.

BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES tells the story of American music at this precarious moment. Filmmakers Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen traveled the country, hoping to understand why mainstream music seems so packaged and repetitive, and whether corporations really had the power to silence musical innovation. The answers they found on this journey ultimately, the promise that the future holds are what makes BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES both riveting and exhilarating.

I'll be at TNT for Rob Crow, Aspects of Physics, The Teeny Tiny Pit Orchestra and Grand Ole Party and then the Beauty Bar for Flosstradamus. I might even dance. You never know.
Singer for ? and the Mysterians had his house burn down (and unfortunately, he did not have insurance). You'll remember this 60's pysch/garage band for their hit "96 Tears". M-Theory will match any donations made at the stores up to the amount our bank account will allow. If you can help, the music world appreciates it. I hear that there will be a benefit show later this month at the Casbah so I'll keep an eye out for that band lineup. I'm pretty sure The Shambles are set to play. (Right, Bart?)
TV News: Everyone knows that we only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, right? It appears the YouTube Effect has crept into television's mightiest showcase for advertising. According to Mediaweek, for the first time, viewers of the biggest football game of the year, Sunday's Super Bowl XLI on CBS between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears, will see at least four ads that were created by amateurs, rather than by high-end ad agencies. Nice.
Blogger is iffy at best today, so I'll prepare my recap of last night's Pussy Galore offline. Later...

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