Thursday, July 05, 2007

On The Brain: Random Ramblings

I have added more local band links on the right hand column of my site. They are in no particular order. In fact, half of them I copied the source code from Bubba's blog. The rest were sort of linked by starting on one band's page, then choosing a local band in their top friends until hitting a dead end. If you're in a band and feel neglected, send me a link and I'll add it. Though alphabetizing is just not gonna happen. If you wanna copy my source code on your own site, feel free to do so.
How dumb are you required to be to work as a meteorologist in San Diego? We have the same weather 300+ days a year, and when there is any change, it's panic time. On Tuesday, the particular news I watched said to brace myself for record heat throughout the county for the next two days. This morning in downtown, it was cold, gray, and almost at a drizzle. Not quite record temps...sorry, just bitching. Since I ride my bike, this stuff makes a difference to me.
Don't forget about TNT tonight. I know I added it on the Things To Do listing, but I did so later than I should've. I just can't believe it's already July. Time is just flying by. In fact, it makes me think of this.

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