Thursday, November 16, 2006

Are you in a band?

This was posted by Adam of Rookie Card, Blasphemous Guitars/Cover Me Badd:

Hey folks, Cover Me Badd is going to start doing a monthly covers night the
first Friday of every month at SDSC. There will be several rotating themes that
we'll be announcing shortly but the big premiere will be another benefit for
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. This April's Cure covers show (Ain't No Cure)
raised over $1800 for SKCC. Since Cover Me Badd's Blasphemous Guitars has
branched out from Depeche Mode covers to do songs by the Cure and the Smiths, we
decided to do a night with bands doing songs by "The Holy Trinity Of Mopedom".

We got some very cool bands to confirm (Goodbye Blue Monday, Billy
Midnight, Swandive, Marie Haddad) but there's still room for 3-5 more bands for
the benefit depending on how many songs they do. Bands can do either one, two or
three songs in any combination of DMode, Cure, Smiths or solo Morrisey songs.
Let us know ASAP while there's still some open slots. Please let me know as soon
as you can if you can play. I'm not saving spots for ANYONE so let me know

If you're interested, contact him via his MySpace account.


adamg said...

Thanks for reposting, miss. it's a hard time of the year to get something together. If it's those 4 bands and us doing a full set, I'm sure it'll still be one helluva night!

adamg said...

Thanks for reposting, miss. We could always play full set if no one else appropriate can do it. SHould be a great night!