Friday, November 17, 2006

Vinyl Radio, Juan Peso, Richard Bivens & Foreign Press @ SDSC

Sometimes a bill for a show can be ideal, the bands can rock out and play great, and the crowd can be totally vibing, and still I walk out with a feeling of general dissatisfaction about the whole thing.

I have had some good experiences at the San Diego Sports Club, but most of the time I feel insulted after being there. I feel this sort of black cloud at that bar, there is just something about the vibe, some negative energy or something there, and I thought it was just my past experiences influencing that feeling, but at least 2 other people made comments that the vibe there is just off. I have quit ordering drinks there because frankly, I don't need to feel like I'm interrupting someone's über important life for an over priced cocktail in a plastic cup. If need be, I will go have drinks at the Alibi between bands. Still, I support bands, and I go to show my love.

I had been at the House of Blues for Happy Hour with some coworkers for a while after work, so when I got home, there was little time to relax before heading back out. The low thick fog had rolled in by the time I left my house at 9:15 and it was daunting enough to turn around and go back home. When I got to the club, there was a $5 cover, so I'm sorry for thinking it was free. Of course Tony would never have a free show. What was I thinking? (Thanks Rodney for making an exception for me)

As I walked in, Richard Bivens and Foreign Press were already playing. They came down from LA, so it really bummed me out that there were only a handful of people there to see them, and even more so that the other bands weren't showing support. They are a 3 piece band who play pretty straightforward music...nothing exceptional with their instruments, but the melodies and rhythms are cool and Richard has a cool voice. So as much as I could, I enjoyed myself.

Juan Peso were on next. If you like Skynard, you will like Juan Peso. They went well with the Miller High Life (from the band's beer bucket). Matt of Vinyl Radio believes that the singer/guitarist is the best guitarist in San Diego. Quite the statement. Go see them and see for yourself. Tommy, the bassist told me about a couple upcoming shows...I'll have to check back, but I think they're playing at the Ken on Dec 26. I'll double check the venue when it gets closer to the date.

Finally, Vinyl Radio. Andrew finally asked for the disco balls to be turned off...thank god. Are those things really necessary? When I see a band I don't need to be reminded of getting the spins in some bar on Revolución. They had a couple minor technical issues, but the crowd had grown and nobody seemed to mind. The girls were dancing up front and a couple guys tried to maneuver in with them, but their sights were clearly on the band. My eyes were growing heavier, however, so I went outside for some fresh air for a minute. (By the way, it is colder INSIDE the bar than it is OUTSIDE the bar.)

When I went back in, Richard Bivens and Foreign Press were back onstage. This was a gesture of goodwill by a band that I'd never witnessed before...Matt felt bad that few people had seen their set and let them finish out the night. The energy was up in the room and it was evident that RB&FP have a good thing going. It's not easy playing a new market almost completely unsupported, so credit goes to them for still rocking out.

When the show ended I bailed and skipped the planned 2nd stop of the night because in case you're not keeping track, I've been out every night this week...sometimes a girl's gotta rest.

I will do exactly that this weekend. After half day Friday I have time to kick around until the Fifty on Their Heels and Teenage Talking Cars show at the Beauty Bar. Catdirt, is there room for me on the list?

Saturday night I think I'm think I'm opting for The Dissimilars, The Postals, et al at the Ken Club, though I really like These Arms Are Snakes, so if I get a wild hair I might check that out.

Then Sunday is finally here for Mr. Dando and the Lemonheads:

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I am taking Monday off from work but I'll try to keep you all up on the happenings around town, at least from the point of view of my little bubble. Have a nice weekend, everyone...

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catdirt said...

yeah- probably. i'll see what's up this afternoon.

sdsc: i have heard from several sources(by sources i mean "people who go to shows" and not "surly band members" or haters) that the problem the sdsc is the "vibe" and/or "staff"- that is literally what i've heard, and even though i'm a staunch supporter of alternatives to the casbah, fifty on their heels upcoming show list is going to be casbah intensive, so... for what's it worth...