Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All joking aside/Schaudenfreude

TMZ, Catdirt, Stereogum and all bloggers around the nation are going crazy right now because Britney Spears is divorcing Kevin Federline. Just the election day distraction we were hoping for!!

Seriously, though... everyone stomps on K-Fed, his tour is failing and being cancelled city by city, he's just been sued for sampling, and now his rich wife is dumping him and supposedly they have quite the prenup. I hate to say it, but isn't this all a bit sad? When he kills himself, we're all to blame.

Schadenrfeude: satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

UPDATE: You can see video footage of K-Fed getting the news on his blackberry here.

Update 2 (11/9/06):
If soon-to-be-ex-wife can go ice-skating immediately after filing for divorce,
why should Kevin Federline stay at home brooding?Far from letting all this get
him down, Kev has been letting the ladies out there know he is available once
again. At Chicago's House Of Blues on Wednesday night, he told the crowd: “Hey,
I see a lot of fine ladies in here. “You know I'm a free man, right, ladies? You
wanna dance with a pimp?"Later on he pointed into the crowd and said: “That’s a
sexy-a** lady right there.”

What a total douche. That's what I get for being sympathetic. And he's filed for custody of their kids and spousal support. Me thinks it's gonna be ugly, at least as far as publicity goes. I suspect he won't get shit aside from the 300k per the prenup.

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