Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CityBeat Publishes Best of San Diego, 2006

Rule: Best of lists should not be voted on by the public. Ra is the best sushi? People, get out more. Way too many Gaslamp/Downtown selections, in my humble opinion.

Standouts that I do agree with or would make my top 3, however:

Best Jukebox- Liar's Club
Best Burger- Rocky's
Best Coffeehouse/live music: Lestat's (though I'm a newbie)
Best Movie Theater: Ken (now with A/C! The only theater with REAL butter)
Best Live Music Club: Casbah
Best Dive Bar: The Jewel Box

Best bar to see and be seen: Stingaree
Best Bartender: Tom North- Lamplighter- (We affectionately referred to him as TTD way back when...Tommy Too Drunk)

Best Indoor Concert Venue: HoB (see my issues with the low ceiling in today's other post)
Best New Restaurant: Dussini

Mostly I just think we rehash the same Bests in every local rag, blog, what have you, year after year. Is it necessary if Taste of Thai gets best Thai every year? Or Filippi's Best Italian? Cheese shop for Best Sandwiches?

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Unknown said...

why the hell haven't they posted the list online? i can't laugh about it properly until i get back to sd? lame.