Monday, November 06, 2006

adding links

If you have a link worth linking, let me know. I'm gonna really be tweaking this thing a lot until I'm happy with it. Like how do I get my "about" stuff to the top of the page??

Stereogum just posted some CMJ awards, so I checked out the winner for station of the year, KEXP and their live stream.

First song, Hang Me Out To Dry by Cold War Kids. Love.
Second song: Emphysema by Sumack. I met these guys in 1999 when they opened for Kinky. So fucking rad. They played again after that on their own, and my friend Mitchell and I hung out with them. Too bad they didn't last. They were rad.
Third Song: Thinking of A Dream I had by the Walkmen.
Fourth song: Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups. I'm really bummed I'm gonna miss their show next week. Bummer.

I'll put the link on this page. So happy to learn something new today.

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Unknown said...

the flyers you posted are the problem! if you post them smaller (i think 448 x 336 pixels is the max blogger takes for one column), your about stuff will show up on the side.

glad you have been inspired to write a music are the girl about town!