Monday, November 06, 2006

Fight at the Zombie Lounge

So I know I'm gonna fuck this story up which makes me part of the problem, but fuck it. I wasn't there, I'm not claiming to have been, but Miggs filled me in.

Supposedly there was quite a brawl this weekend at the Zombie Lounge. Davit Buck of the Homeless Sexuals went to the Zombie. A band called 3 bad jacks was playing and charging an $8 cover. Davit objected to the cost, and kinda went back and forth with them...I'm here all the time, this is my spot, I'll pay $5 but $8 is too steep, etc. etc.

The guy just will not let him in. So he bails and goes to the Tower and gets shitfaced and goes back to the Zombie and starts a ruckus. Apparently there was blood everywhere (though Miggs tends to exaggerate) and one of the 3 Bad Jacks dudes ended up needing stitches...27? 32? I don't know. For all I know, maybe it was Davit that got the stitches. Whatever, I don't know. But the first time I went to the Zombie there was a gnarly chick fight that everyone encouraged that I helped break up without thinking that I could've gotten hurt. Fights- not cool...but gossip...sometimes fun. Sorry. It's the culture we live in.

Here's a rant from Peter about the whole thing:

First off if I offend
anyone..........................FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!! There. I feel a little bit
better. Second off I think this whole 3 Bad Jacks shit is fucking funny. I saw
those guys a few years ago and “Elvis” was actually a nice guy. Then a little
while back they played at the Zombie Lounge and I heard from people that worked
there about the bands demands. I thought that was kind of funny for a band I had
never heard of before. No matter whether you like the Zombie or don't it is like
a second home to me. I have never had a problem with anyone that works there. I
think it is a great bar to go hang out with your friends and just have a good
time. There are a lot of people that talk shit about this bar and its patrons,
but I know if I ever was in trouble physically or mentally I know who I can
count on. Yeah douche bags come here, but most of them aren't regulars. So what
is the point of all this? I don't really know yet. But I do have to say FUCK
CALLING YOU OUT. I hate when people call people out on the computer (unless it
is me haha). I was not there on Friday night. I had to work. But I still have to
get my two cents in. The asshole who got his ass handed to him according to
Three Big Jacks is a good friend of mine. Whether you like him or don't he is a
guy I can always count on. Sure he is an asshole. Thats why we love him. Does he
open his mouth and talk shit? Don't we all? Anyways he told me what happened and
I read the other shit and I know for a fact he didn't get his ass handed to him.
I want to meet the person that said that. Cause that is some funny shit. This
bar has had much bigger acts the 3 Bad Jacks play here. Last Thanksgiving
Lawrence Arms played here. I was bartending that night and they didn't ask for
shit. We charged $5 at the door and they were so happy. They were polite to all
the staff and even wanted to buy us drinks. They gave everyone that was working
a shirt and a CD which they didn't have to do. They were a class act. So before
I go on, to the other members of the 3 Bad Jacks I don't know you. I have never
talked to you so I will leave you out of this. Its not fair for me to say
anything about you. I haven't heard of seen anything bad from you two. But I
think it is funny that the people that are talking shit about the Zombie Lounge
are the ones that just go to bars to be seen. Yes I said it. You just go out to
be seen by the “cool” people. You are the ones that sip your drink all night so
you don't get drunk and act like your true self. We don't need you. I have been
working in bars for a long time and we cant stand you. If you want to sip on
your PBR then go somewhere else. You never tip and your just douche bags. If you
guys are too big to play clubs like the Zombie Lounge then don't. Just go away.
We don't want you. I work at a much larger bar and I guarantee if you tried to
pull that shit with our door guy it would be more then one guy with stitches. So
don't play here again. Stop the threats. Go play at Tio Leos. And to say that
“we” sip on our drinks? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Guess you have never met a NORTH PARK

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