Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday- Teenage Talking Cars & Fifty on Their Heels

So I finally have the time to write about the show on Friday and now I don't really have a whole lot to say except that I'm glad I went.

Teenage Talking Cars are fronted by an adorable chick with thick black bangs cutting across her eyes and the rest of her hair pulled back in a ponytail. The chick rocks the microphone like she's been doing this forever despite her seemingly young age. They also have a chick drummer who pounds like there's no tomorrow. They have the dancy punk thing down and they're the perfect complement to Fifty on Their Heels. At one point Ammo (the lead screamer) told people to join them onstage to dance at which point several people took her up on her offer, including Junior Metro. Go listen to their MySpace tracks and make sure you catch them the next time they drive down to our fine city.

I've seen Fifty on Their Heels several times now and I think this was one of the better shows I've seen. The music was still loud and powerful but not so much that you know you'll be getting fitted for a hearing device in the next 5 years. Junior's vocals were clear and the lyrics were audible instead of just the shouting into a mic sound that can result when a band is playing too loudly. He also seemed to have plenty of space to manage his stage antics, and the girls from TTC were up front dancing their asses off. I caught myself singing along to more than half the songs and even dancing a bit. Anybody that gets me to dance gets my support.

I did leave the Beauty Bar as soon as the bands ended because I cannot handle that place when its as crowded as it gets in there, so I headed back to the neighborhood and walked to the Ken Club. I missed the bands and the bar was pretty empty but it ended up being the perfect night. So much so that going out on Saturday was completely unnecessary for me...

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catdirt said...

we were wondering if you'd cop to the dancing. going to the casbah tonight?